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When I was a bit younger I decided to make a strange character that cannot be so much as harmed in any way. It was called the Invincible Tree, a gigantic tree that when attacked it would dance, literally taunting its attacker due to them not being able to do anything about it.

Recently though after talking to an old friend (who's name I promised to keep secret) made me want to revive this old character and change him up by a lot.

So I guess from here I will tell you of Maior Aboris: The Elder Tree.

   It began from a heavenly council, of where Gods gather from all around, one god disrespected a higher god. As punishment this god was sentenced for eons in the sapling of a young Oak tree in the mortal world. As many years dwelled onward, the God at first frustrated, unable to move and stuck in a contained space, gradually began to grow with the sapling, slowly accepting his punishment as he grew with the tree. When the God finally grew out of the ground and saw the mortal world, he marveled at it. Its beauty was unparalleled to anything he has seen, however he also saw nature's cruel face. Living in a tree, the God, endured harsh winters, marveled at spring and summer, and relaxed his mind during the seasons of fall. Seeming only a few days ago, the tree the God lived in grew to its full height. The largest tree of the forest that towered over the others. From this tree, facing it in the front depicts an elderly face, the tree bark forming the nose and mouth, green moss enclosed over where the eyebrows, large mustached connected to a mossy green beard. Most of the time, the tree's complexion is calmed, and its eyes are closed, as if in a meditating state. When his sentence was up, the council bid the God to return, however, the God declined stating that he has spent a very long time in the mortal world, yet never truly understood it. He'd rather remain there, and truly know what the mortal world is. From here the council agreed to his terms and left him to the mortal world. With the binding of the tree gone, the God renamed himself to Maior Aboris, as many of the local people of the land call the tree. From here, Maior, who was surrounded in a world of nature, but so few of it, became the God of Life. In his power Maior formed many grassy plains, forests,jungles. However due to being with a tree for a long portion of his life, Maior could not bring much life to the desert, for little water could only have extreme life forms.

Thats about it really XD
Kinda self-explanatory, it is an Old fictional character I made back in elementary school. Decided to revive it Sweating a little... 
Kidanesi Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That was very well written. You have improved very greatly in your literature.:D (Big Grin)
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June 29, 2014


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